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The most accurate BMI app on the app store.

Are you over weight, under weight or you wan to know your perfect weight? The old BMI formula was incorrect for certain individuals.

This app gives you hints on how to lose weight, gain weight or maintaining your weight

This app uses the new BMI formula which helps you determine the perfect weight to get the perfect BMI. Modern BMI also tells you the amount of water you need according to your weight.

You can view the new BMI formula, understand what BMI really is and set up reminders to calculate your BMI when you are ready.

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Advanced Calculation helps you calculate vector problems. This app can calculate the CROSS Product (Vector Product), DOT Product (Scalar Product) and angle between two vectors. The angle is given in degrees and radians.This app can save you a lot of time while studying or working out problems.

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Take your iOS Device to the next dimension with Beyond Measure. It features a 3D screen ruler. Measuring objects with a 3D screen ruler is much easier. You need red/cyan 3D glasses for the 3D experience. The app also includes 5 Rulers including a Carbon Ruler, 5 Screen Rulers including the 3D Screen Ruler and a Protractor. There is also a Converter that can convert from both Degrees and Radians. The ruler is 30 CM / 12 Inches long and makes use of the full screen. A short help guide is included making sure you get the most out of Beyond Measure.

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